1. Do your research
    Before you start reaching out to artists, it’s essential to do your research and understand the kind of art style you prefer. Look at other books in your genre and see what kind of illustrations they have. Make a mood board on Pinterest or create a folder on your computer with inspiring images. This research will not only help you communicate your vision to the artist, but it will also help you attract the right kind of artist for your project.
  2. Utilize social media
    Social media is a great way to find artists and illustrators for your book. Start by following some of your favourite artists and illustrators on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Once you’ve built up a list of people you admire, reach out to them and let them know you’re working on a book project for which you think they’d be perfect. Many artists are open to collaborating on projects, so don’t be afraid to ask!
  3. Attend art events
    Another way to find an artist or illustrator for your book is to attend art events in your area. These could be gallery openings, art fairs, or comic conventions. Attending art events is a great way to meet new artists and get a feel for their work in person.
  4. Check out online portfolios
    There are many websites where artists and illustrators showcase their work, such as Behance and DeviantArt. Spend some time browsing through portfolios on various sites to get an idea of the different styles and mediums that are out there. When you find an artist whose work you like, reach out to them and inquire about working together on your book project.
  5. Ask for recommendations
    If you know someone who has recently published a book, ask them if they used an artist or illustrator and if they were happy with the results. If they had a positive experience, they can put you in touch with the person they worked with or recommend someone else who would be a good fit for your project. Recommendations can be beneficial when trying to find creative professionals.
  6. Look at artist directories
    Several online directories feature lists of artists and illustrators, such as The Book Designer Directory and The Illustration Directory. These can be helpful resources when trying to find someone who meets your specific needs. Browse through the lists until you find an artist or illustrator whose work catches your eye, then reach out to them directly via their website or social media accounts.
  7. Hire a professional agency
    If money is no object, another option is to hire a professional agency that connects authors with illustrators. These agencies have extensive networks of talented professionals to connect you with, so they can find someone who meets your specific needs. However, this option will likely be more expensive than working with an individual artist or freelancer.